It is crucial to ensure that your lawn doesn’t dry out. Water ‘little-but often’ in the first few weeks before gradually changing over to less frequent heavier downpours once the roots have become firmly established.
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As a rule, a well fed lawn is a healthy lawn. Fertilising your lawn will ensure it can withstand drought conditions, wear and tear, frost and pest invasion, far better than a malnourished lawn.
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Identifying and Controlling Weeds

A strong and healthy lawn will out compete most common weeds in home lawns, however sometimes we need to give our lawn a helping hand.
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Ensure your lawn isn’t left too long between cuts and never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf at one time. Most lawns prefer regular cuts to keep them healthy and neat.
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Identifying and Controlling Lawn Pests

At some point in time your lawn may be attacked by lawn pests or disease. You can minimise the damage if you treat your lawn quickly
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Creepy Crawlies

Unfortunately all lawns except for Sir Walter, may occasionally be troubled by Australia’s main lawn insect pest: the black beetle lawn grub. This nasty little blighter often devastates kikuyu and tall fescue if not treated quickly. By watching for signs such as, areas of turf beginning to shrivel and die and magpies and other birds tearing up your lawn in search of what they see as a succulent bit of dinner, you can avoid this situation. If you suspect you have a grub problem, please contact us ASAP so that we can recommend a suitable lawn grub insecticide.

As you can see, the care and maintenance of your lawns does require a degree of attention to the basics of watering, feeding, mowing and weed control, but if you stay vigilante you should be able to maintain a good-looking lawn for years to come.

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