When should I mow my lawn?
Your lawn should be mowed at least once a week depending on your lawn variety. Low maintenance lawns, such as Tif Tuf Hybrid Bermuda and Sir Grange, may be trimmed less often however the golden rule is Don’t remove more than 1/3 of the leaf at a time (unless dethatching)

Should I catch or mulch lawn clippings?
There is pros and cons to catching the clip off your lawn. Most lawns will not like heavy clip left on top of the grass and where the mower leaves lines of clip behind it is best to remove it. If you’re only trimming a small amount of leaf off, you can mulch it and let it rot down in the thatch layer. Continual mulching of clip can cause a build up in the thatch layer in some lawns and may require you to dethatch some lawns to overcome this.

What other mowing tips should I know?
Always keep your mower blades shape, blunt blades tear the leaf rather than cutting it. This will cause your lawn to look roughly mown but also can encourage diseases that attack the leaf.

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