Winter lawn care tips for Buffalo Grasses, Couch Grasses and Kikuyu grass.


  Buffalo Grasses: Buffalo grass is a warm-season grass known for its ability to tolerate drought and extreme temperatures. During winter, Buffalo grass enters dormancy and turns brown or straw-like in colour. This is a natural response to cooler temperatures and reduced sunlight. It's important to avoid excessive foot traffic...

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Oxafert – Pre-Emergent Herbicide and Fertiliser Kill weeds before they show! You can control summer weeds as well as winter weeds with a pre-emergent herbicide such as Oxafert. The beauty of Oxafert is it stops weeds appearing, plus it contains a fertiliser component as well to give your lawn a lift....

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A guide to understanding why your lawn is going to seed and how to help stop them from appearing in your lawn.

Different types of turf produce a different looking seed head, it can make your lawn very unsightly at different times of the year and making it difficult to know what a seed head is or what is a weed. In this blog we look at the most common types of...

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Make sure it's Genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified - New Lawn Turf are a proud grower of Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass (Australia's No 1 Buffalo Grass)

Sir Walter DNA Certified is Exclusively available from Lawn Solutions Australia Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo grass is exclusively available from Lawn Solutions Australia. This means that only Lawn Solutions Australia accredited turf suppliers like New Lawn Turf grow and supply Sir Walter DNA Certified. Anyone selling something that is...

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