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  • ColourGuard PLUS 2L RTU

    ColourGuard PLUS is a liquid fertiliser and a natural grass pigment that instantly restores the colour of your lawn. Apply this 100% natural grass colourant to keep your lawn looking...
  • Grub Guard 2L

    New lawn Turf's Grub Guard kills aphids, bugs, caterpillars and many other pests … and it’s the only product on the market that kills lawn grub larva. That means you...
  • Lawn Rescue 2L

    Feed and drought-proof your lawn with just one revitalising hit.  This perfect blend of liquid fertilisers, seaweed extracts and wetting agents is ideal for use during establishment, post establishment and...
  • Lawn Soaker 2L

    Treatment for water repellent soil. A premium lawn hydration solution.Lawn Soaker is a ready to use soil wetting agent specifically developed for use on lawns. It improves the penetration of...
  • All Purpose Weed Control 2L

    Knock out common weeds such as Bindii, Creeping Oxalis, Catsear, Clover, Cudweed, Dandelion and Thistles.  This weed killer is suitable for established couch, bent, kikuyu, paspalum, buffalo, zoysia, fescue and...
  • Acelepryn GR 10kg bag

    ACELEPRYN GR Insecticide in this 10kg bag provides unmatched, season long grub and caterpillar control in a single application. It is available in a convenient and flexible granule formulation –...
  • Mancozeb DG Fungicide 2kg

    A water-dispersible fungicide for the control of certain fungal diseases of fruit, vegetables, ornamentals and turf. Apply as a protective spray schedule at 7-day intervals throughout the susceptible season/climate. Controls...
  • Exceed Liquid Fertiliser 2.5L Concentrate

    Premium, professional-grade foliar fertiliser designed to bring out the best in any lawn.The carefully balanced NPK ratio will provide health and colour to your lawn during the growing period (can...
  • Lawn Solutions Lawn Kelper 2.5L Concentrate

    Lawn Kelper Liquid Nutrient Package is a balanced formulation with the added additions of Trace Elements, Seaweed Kelp and Fulvic Acid. This formulation is designed specifically for turf/lawns to increase...
  • Amgrow Bin-Die 250ml

    Amgrow Chemspray Bin-Die is suitable for use on most grasses including Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn, Nullarbor Couch Grass, Eureka Kikuyu, RTF Fescue, Platinum Zoysia and all other lawn...
  • Amgrow Kleen Lawn Herbicide 250ml

    Kleen Lawn Selective Lawn Weeder can be used to control broad leaf weeds including clover, pearlwort, chickweed, dandelion, dock, bindii and lambs toungue. Can be used on couch, bent and...
  • Landscaper Pro Spreader

    Landscaper Pro Hand-Held Spreader is perfect for applying Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser, grass seed and pest control products. This is a professional product used by landscapers and greenkeepers. The Handy...
  • Lawn Aerator Sandals

    The easy way to aerate your lawn. Simply strap on over your shoes. Great for clay base lawns needing regular Gypsum application and to loosen high traffic & compacted areas....
  • Barricade 1L Pre-emergent Herbicide (Syngenta Agency)

    Ultimate barricade against pre-emergent weeds that is exempt from poison scheduling. BARRICADE Turf Herbicide controls a wide range of pre-emergent grassy weeds and importantly breaks the germination cycle of Poa...
  • Starter TifTuf Lawn Care Kit - suitable for up to 100sqm lawns

      The New Lawn Turf Starter TifTuf Lawn Care Kit has been designed as a starter pack for lawns up to 100sqm.   The Kit Includes:  ·        Lawn Solutions OxaFert Pre-emergent...
  • Professional TifTuf Lawn Care Kit - suitable for up to 100sqm lawns

    The New Lawn Turf Professional TifTuf Lawn Care Kit has been designed for the professional lawn owner designed for lawns up to 100sqm.  The Kit Includes:  Lawn Solutions OxaFert Pre-emergent 3kg  ...
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